Who We Are

We Believe

  • We believe that God created you and loves you.
  • We believe that our heavenly Father loves us so much, He sent His only Son to earth so that through His life, death and resurrection, Jesus might save us from the punishment for our many sins and give us new life now and forever.
  • We believe it is through faith (belief and trust), the gift of the Holy Spirit, that we receive this new life.
  • We believe the Holy Spirit brings us this gift of faith through Baptism and that the Spirit sustains us in life through worship, Holy Communion and prayer.
  • We believe God created the Church so that we might worship Him and receive strength and guidance for living through the support of a Christian family.
  • We believe God asks us to lead lives worthy of His love: care for our family, be honest and hard-working, help make our community a better place and let others know that God loves them also.
  • We believe in response to His great gifts to us, God asks us to take care of our neighbors in need: feed the hungry, visit the lonely, pray for the sick, care for the elderly and give to the poor.
  • We believe we know all this through the Bible, God’s authoritative Word of truth.
  • We believe, we hope, you become part of the Christ Church family!


Left: St. Paul (German) Lutheran Church; Right: Lebanon (Swedish) Lutheran Church


Christ Lutheran Church of DuBois was founded May 2, 1971. We are the result of the consolidation of St. Paul (German) Lutheran Church (interior picture) and Lebanon (Swedish) Lutheran Church (exterior picture).

After the merger, the two congregations met in separate buildings until May 1979 when the present building at 875 Sunflower Drive was completed.  To honor the tradition from  St. Paul and Lebanon and to celebrate the unity of Christ Lutheran, the bell from St. Paul and the organ from Lebanon are now used in our current facility.  In 1995, a new educational wing was added to the original church structure.

More recently, we have welcomed St. John’s Lutheran Church and Trinity Lutheran Church into our congregation.  Both churches located here in DuBois were closed. Pastors who have served Christ Lutheran:

  • The Rev. David E. Bomboy (1971-1979)
  • The Rev. Robert T. Zuch (1980-1984)
  • The Rev. Robert Clark (1984-85)
  • The Rev. Vernon J. Miller (1984-89)
  • The Rev. P. Stevens Lynn (1990-2004)
  • The Rev. Katherine Douglass (2007-2011)
  • The Rev. Amy Godshall-Miller and The Rev. John Miller (2013-Present)